ABOUT Haiti Enpak


Why do we exist?

Education, as it is in Haiti today, is planned in isolation from community issues and development initiatives. We believe there needs to be a relationship between learning and development goals and solutions for the country. Haiti Enpak exists to bridge the gap between education and development to make sure students are civically engaged, develop as community leaders and participate in the betterment of communities throughout Haiti. Haitians must be educated to lead change. Extracurricular activities present a unique opportunity to be able to engage young students from around the country to tackle challenges in their communities.

Who we are


Haiti Enpak is founded on strong beliefs underlying our vision for change:

We believe:

  • Change is possible in Haiti.
  • Young people are the greatest assets to bring about change in Haiti today.
  • Empowering Haiti's youth is the best pathway to develop the country.
  • Meaningful development starts at the grassroots' level.
  • Participation will create lasting change, ownership, and a more dignifying development experience for Haitians.


Haiti Enpak envisions a country where every young student is engaged in social change and actively participating in their community to achieve prosperity and sustainability.


Haiti Enpak’s mission is to empower students to become engaged citizens and changemakers by providing them with opportunities and support to participate in extracurricular activities and lead social change projects that address community needs in Haiti.

Main Goal

Our main goal is to provide students with access to training in the area of civic engagement, leadership, and project management and support their sustainable solutions to help improve communities throughout Haiti.

What we do

Haiti Enpak partners with high schools and universities throughout Haiti to offer hands-on, personal and community development-oriented extracurricular courses to students. Through Ayiti Extracurricular students will be trained to develop skills needed to be a good citizen and execute a community project of their choice. In addition to the training program, Haiti Enpak provides funding and logistical support to the student-led projects.

We are committed to build long term partnership with our partners, youth and communities. As such, Haiti Enpak engages students in our network, the Young Changemakers Network, to scale projects developed during the Ayiti Extracurricular course. This will present opportunities for more partnerships to create eve greater impact in the country.