Youth-Led Development

Our Work

Haiti Enpak is bridging the gap between education and development through two main programs: Ayiti Extracurricular and the Young Changemakers Network. Both programs are designed to empower students to become civically engaged, develop as community leaders and participate in transforming communities throughout Haiti. Our work is to ensure that the programs serve as a learning laboratory for youth to develop their skills, abilities and unleash their potential to become effective changemakers.

The time has come for social change and the narrative about Haiti to be led and controlled by young Haitians. It is our responsibility to provide youth in Haiti the opportunity to lead change, rewrite the development agenda, and actively participate in the betterment of country through responsible and sustainable solutions that represent the values and dignity of the country and its people.


Ayiti Extracurricular

A program through which we partner with high schools and universities to offer students both theoretical and experiential learning opportunities. Students will go through the Enpak curriculum that covers leadership, communication, teamwork, civic engagement, and community project management. Upon completion of the program, students design and implement a community development project.

Young Changemakers Network

A program serving as a platform for all youth who participated in the Ayiti Extracurricular program to join their expertise and passion, learn together and from each other, collaborate to develop larger scale sustainable community projects. Participants will have access to ongoing training, attend conferences in Haiti and abroad, and more Enpak funding to support a community rotating project.

What is Our Focus

Personal Development

  • Provide space and resource to acquire knowledge, life skills and experience to develop as leaders
  • Help improve higher-order-thinking and interpersonal skills
  • Encourage teamwork, togetherness, collaboration, respect, and tolerance
  • Increase youth interest and belief in self-ability to pursue their dreams

Civic Engagement

  • Help understand the important role they play in the future of Haiti
  • Motivate to participate actively as citizens and members of society
  • Increase of civic and social engagement behaviours, patriotism and hope in social change
  • Increase participation in community service and leadership roles

Community Building

  • Support communities and create lasting change through real projects and sustainable solutions
  • Raise awareness, advocate, and seek recognition for youth leadership and participation in Haiti and internationally
  • Help increase interest, investment, and policymaking around extracurricular activities and programs for youth participation in change