Ayiti Extracurricular

What is Ayiti Extracurricular?

Ayiti Extracurricular is a program that offers students in high school and universities with extracurricular activities. Ayiti Extracurricular is designed to help students develop their interpersonal skills and civic responsibility, as well as engage them in community development work. Through direct partnership with high schools and universities, Haiti Enpak selects and enrols students to participate in the program. Enrolled students will go through the Enpak curriculum and work together as a team. A selected coach and a project advisor will provide guidance on topics including project design, logistics, community involvement as they plan and execute a community development project of their choice.

To ensure effectiveness and successful delivery of the program, the selected coaches and project advisors will received adequate training from Haiti Enpak. In addition, the curriculum and course materials will be made available in Creole. There will be two levels for the course: Level 1 for high schools students and Level 2 designed for university students. University students are expected to do more research, develop larger scale projects and have greater focus on sustainability.

Part of Ayiti Extracurricular program will be to provide Enpak Funding a form of grants directed for students' projects. Projects will be assessed on the basis of our guidelines founded on our vision of prosperity and sustainability. Where necessary, the organization will support students to seek additional funding for their projects to match their Enpak funding.


To develop students interpersonal skills, civic engagement as well as engage them in community development work


Lecture, In-class training and experiential learning through a student-led community development project


Enpak Curriculum, Learning evaluation, project design, pre-post survey, focus group and more

Measuring Success

Haiti Enpak will assess and measure the success of this program based on students' outcomes at these levels:

  • Personal Development: student satisfaction, interaction with their team, and improvement of soft skills, and their belief system.
  • Civic Engagement: knowledge and understanding of civic duties and responsibilities, increased willingness to support communities, and expression of hope and positive belief for the future of Haiti.
  • Community Development: acknowledgement of the importance of participation and involvement in development, community participation, and recognition from communities

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller