Young Changemakers Network

What is the Young Changemakers Network?

The Young Changemakers Network is a collaboration platform for youth trained through our Ayiti Extracurricular program. The network provides them with an opportunity for continuous learning and engagement in grassroots community work. Students in the network will join forces, learn together and from each other, collaborate on ventures, and large scale sustainable community development projects.

Through the network, Haiti Enpak will ensure access to additional training for youth including workshops, conferences, and events in Haiti and abroad. Furthermore, Haiti Enpak will grant funding each year to support a rotating community project.

The overarching goal is to ensure that development goes from one community to the next. We want communities from different parts of Haiti to be impacted by our efforts. We also want to challenged students from all corners in the country to work together. It is our hope that the social bond, the diversity of opinions and views as well as students' different backgrounds will make their participation a stronger tool for development.

Haiti Enpak's role will go further in terms of building partnership with other groups and institutions to help youth access more resources and support to create the biggest impact possible with their community projects.


To foster collaboration and engage youth in large scale community development efforts.


Events, conferences, workshops, campaigns, and community development projects.


Learning evaluation, pre-post survey, focus groups, interviews, social media, and more.

Measuring Success

Similar to Ayiti Extracurricular, we will take a longitudinal study approach to understand youth growth over the course of their participation and involvement with the organization. We want to see growth from students who participate in this program in the following areas:

  • Personal Development: communication, collaboration with others, and improvement of their belief system.
  • Civic Engagement: Active participation and engagement in civic duties and responsibilities, community support network, and positive belief for the future of Haiti.
  • Community Development: showcase participation and active involvement of community in development.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford